Football Oracle » FAQ


1. Am I eligible to play?

The game is open to players of all ages.

2. What is the latest time I can make a prediction?

Predictions for each match will close at the exact time of kick off of each gameweek.

3. Can I play a banker and insurance on a single game?

No, you can't. You can use them on separate games within the same gameweek.

4. What if I forget to enter my predictions?

You lost a chance to win but it’s ok you can participate in next gameweek’s competition.

5. What is the difference between a public and private mini-league?

A private (closed) Mini-league is one that has been created and is managed by a player whereas a public (open) Mini-league can bring fellow players together.

6. How many mini-leagues I am allowed?

You are allowed to own or play-in up to 1 private or public Mini-league.

7. What happens if a game is postponed?

If a game is postponed then is considered void and no points will count.